White Cherry Gelato


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White Cherry Gelato Strain

White Cherry Gelato is a 50/50 hybrid strain that was generated by crossing the original White Cherry and Gelato strains. White Cherry Gelato is legendary for its amazingly exquisite flavor and long-lasting high.

The flavor of this bud is very sweet and floral, with a tinge of nuttiness. The aroma is earthy and sour, with a lemony undertone, with spicy fruits and nutty herbs that become savory and rich as the nugs burn away.

The White Cherry Gelato high hits you nearly as soon as you exhale, giving you an elevated feeling in your head before spreading throughout your entire body. You’ll experience a Stoney heady sensation that will numb your brain and leave you distracted and unprepared to do much of anything.

As your mind relaxes, your body follows suit, settling into a very peaceful and calming condition that’s hard to shake. White Cherry Gelato is frequently used to treat appetite loss or nausea, headaches or migraines, chronic stress, and depression because of these effects plus its high THC content of 15-21%. This bud has a frosty thick layer of dusty crystal trichomes oozing with sweet sticky resin and popcorn-shaped forest green nugs with orange hairs.

About White Cherry Gelato Strain

White Cherry Gelato will provide some familiar effects and elevate flavors to regular users of Cherry phenotypic strains. After the backpackboyz finished breeding it for us, it’s divided right down the center between Indica and Sativa and simply named after its parents, White Cherry and Gelato. It’s widely grown in California and prized for its delicious, high-pitched peanut butter flavor.

White Cherry Gelato produces dense nugs that are dark green, purple, and speckled with bright orange pistils. The trichomes are brilliant, although they appear to be strewn about. The plant has strong pine, mint, and spice aromas, as well as an overall delightfully outdoorsy palette. Sweet dominating terpenes like Pinene and Linalool are most likely to blame for these characteristics.

If you keep sniffing, you’ll find that the nugs are resinous, with a waxy feel to the touch and a lasting vanilla scent. The aroma of White Cherry Gelato hits you hard when you first inhale it: spicy, piney, and gassy. WCG doesn’t mess around, providing you an OG-like experience with a considerably more unique flavor profile. 

It’s incredibly sweet and floral, with hints of citrus, nuts, herbs, and spicy fruits as well. Some users report peanut butter flavors, albeit more sour, spicy, and earthy. Your brain will feel numb right away in a classic stoner’s high. Your body will start to succumb to an 18% THC average as you begin to feel uplifted, calm, and relaxed. You won’t be moving any time soon snacking on White Cherry Gelato.

This is why White Cherry Gelato Strain is so popular among people who suffer from chronic nausea and appetite loss: it makes you feel hungry and willing to munch. Stress, despair, and those debilitating work-related migraines shouldn’t have a chance against a full breath of Gelato. For its flavors and effects, this strain is a local favorite.

While stuck on your couch, the robust gassy exhale and herbal, wonderfully sweet inhale are enough to transport you trekking into the forests of your thoughts (with White Cherry Gelato on your face). Any hectic week can be alleviated by feeling cerebral, hungry, and calm. Its ability to relieve headaches and migraines that interfere with focus could make it a lifesaving “herbal cure” for late afternoons. Contact us for more information.

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