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exotic marijuana strains 

What are exotic marijuana strains ?


Exotic marijuana strains. In general, new and outstanding marijuana strains have been developed in recent years. In this light, the conventional marijuana strains that were considered the best strains have been eclipsed by these new strains. As a result, strains such as Sharklato, Shark Cake, White Cherry Gelato, and Lemon Cherry Gelato, to name a few, have been introduced. These strains are noted for their strong THC content and vibrant buds. Some veteran smokers, however, still favor genuine old-school strains like white widow and white, sour diesel, to mention a few. Exotic strains can be purchased online. exotic marijuana strains

What distinguishes a strain as exotic?

There has never been a standardized method for determining whether a strain is exotic or not. As a result, the term “exotic marijuana” is a bit misleading. However, marijuana smokers and enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to define some strains as “Exotic strains” based on a set of criteria. As a result, go online and get unique strains. Bud color, flavor, and fragrance are examples of such criteria. As a result, strains like Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and Og Kush cannot be classified as Exotic. exotic marijuana strains

However, many of these strains are still in demand. Despite the fact that they are far from exotic, they are widely available on the market. In this perspective, exotic strains might be thought of as the newest and tastiest marijuana strains to hit the market. As a result, the exotic cannabis strain game, which is sweeping the recreational and black markets, is a combination of origin, quality, and exclusivity. exotic marijuana strains

Cannabis growers’ views on exotic strains.

Many cannabis growers have claimed and spread the word that the strain’s exotic origins may be traced back to its genetics. Yes, this is correct, as evidenced by marijuana growers. This is due to the genetic diversity of most exotic strains. Exotic Genetix, Jungle Boys, Cookies Fam, Seed Junky, and DNA Genetics are among the breeders and producers. Have contributed to the development of several of the most popular cannabis strains. As a result, these strains are becoming increasingly common on the market. exotic marijuana strains

Best Exotic strains.

Generally, the choice of this classification is subjective. Hence each and everyone has his or her own opinion about this subject. In this light we will provide a list of strains we consider to us is a list of the most exotic strains as of now. Thus this list is as per our own point of view. The diverse opinions will not be condemned that’s view reviews and comments are allowed to this post. exotic marijuana strains


Sharklato is a Marijuana exotic variety grown near Atlanta, Georgia. A trio of rappers from Georgia was the first to promote this strain. Sharklato, like many other exotic strains, is a product of the Runtz family. Stoners have often grumbled about the quality of the pot they use in recent years. As a result, many different types of exotic strains have been introduced by bud farmers. The goal of introducing these new exotic strains was to suit stoners’ wants and expectations for cannabis quality. As a result of my observations and consumer feedback, Sharklato is a good strain. exotic marijuana strains

Sharklato has proved to be one of the most popular strains among stoners. To that end, it possesses the features of the majority of exotic strains. As a result, most Exotic strains have qualities like a sweet smell and a good flavor, to name a few.

White cherry Gelato

Another strain from the Cherry family is White Cherry Gelato (backpackboyz). A group of genetic producers from California has a large distribution of the variety. To create this strain, they had to sift through a lot of weed genetics. This is a hybrid strain that has gained popularity in recent years. It smells and tastes like peanut butter. The white Cherry Gelato strain for sale online has been liked and recommended by the majority of stoners. With such a flavor, the dosage will never be enough. exotic marijuana strains

White cherry Gelato

As a result, you’ll keep trying to find more and more White Cherry Gelato for sale online. Our investigation into this strain has revealed that fans of the strain are really happy with it. As a result, it has grown in popularity. exotic marijuana strains

Shark cake strain

Shark cake cannabis strain is a relatively new strain that has just become one of the most popular. They are the result of new generation farmers genetically crossing hybrid strains. Shark cake is a cannabis strain that may be purchased online. This strain is known for its sweet flavor, which makes it popular among female stoners. This potent favorite is difficult to come by, especially in the United States. Because the CBD concentration of the shark cake marijuana strain is so low, it should not be utilized to treat seizure disorders or other diseases that benefit from CBD. Although many people refer to the strain as an “Exotic strain,” it is actually a hybrid. Shark cake has a strong earthy scent with blueberry and diesel undertones. This strain has been used to treat a wide range of ailments. exotic marijuana strains

Shark cake strain


From the above, you have it that we have suggested in our opinion our top best exotics strains. Nevertheless, this is a mere suggestion and is not static. You can always share with us your opinion about exotic strains and their characteristics. Check out our store for more weed strains. exotic marijuana strains

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